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Annual Arab Film Festival, Algerian Culinar, Algerian Fashion Show, and more...


Algerian and American National days,

Eid El-Fitr and Adhaa Event, Ramadhan, New Year and Yennayer, Graduations, Comedy & Music Festival.


We promote and support Algerian American Talent, Algerian of the Month, our culture and share our beautiful heritage with our youth and other multicultural



Speach & Debate,

Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Financial, and more...


& Guidance 

We help new Algerians in the bay area connect and network with the community and how to get established once admitted to the US.



Dr. Ahmed Bedjaoui is Professor of Cinema and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Algiers, in Algeria. Currently serving as the President of the Algerian Film Fund, he is also the Artistic Director of the Algiers Film Festival and the Head of the Euro-Mediterranean network for training professional journalists (REMFOC). In addition to his work and accolades, his popularity in Algeria is also attributed to his role as producer and animator for the hit TV series Tele-Cine Club, which aired in Algeria for nearly 20 years.
In 2016, Dr. Ahmed Bedjaoui received the UNESCO Fellini medal for his contribution to the promotion of film art.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Workshop we held on Tuesday DEC 5th, 2017.

The turnout was great and we hope everyone was able to learn a lot more than they already knew. 


Special thanks goes to Riad Kaced for his devotion to put together this workshop with AAA-NC and to sponsor the event with a great dinner. Also, special thanks to Owaiz Dadabhoy for his presentation and the Q&A session.

AAA-NC College Planning and Essay Workshop
Saoussen Bouache - Part 1 - AAA-NC PR & Communications
Saoussen Bouache - Part 2 - AAA-NC PR & Communications
Adel Djebroun - AAA-NC Secretary


First time home buyer

Presented by:

Razika Benamira-Dod

B & R Group

 Planning and Investing 

Presented by:

Sadri Gueche

Lehman Brothers 

Internet Telephony

Presented by:

Mourad Cherfaoui

Algerian Conpetences living abroad: USA - Canada - France

Group Cevital  Aujourd’hui

Discover Algeria Presented by the Embassy of Algeria to the USA

Promoted by AAA-NC

Invest in Algeria

Presented by MDPPI

Promoted by AAA-NC



Presented by:

Omar Khemici, PhD

Welcome to the United States Of America

Welcome to the United States
A Guide for New Immigrants by U.S.CIS


Guide for New Immigrants by U.S.CIS


Guide for New Immigrants by U.S.CIS


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