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About Us

The AAA-NC is a non-profit cultural organization based in San Francisco Bay Area, California.
Created in 1992, the association helps the local Algerian community connect with one another, provides a cultural gateway for Algerians and non-Algerians in the Bay Area, collects donations to help Algerians in distress as well as the operational expenses of the association.

Each week, AAA-NC provides you with latest news related to our community as well as a sneak peak of what's coming up on our events around the Bay you can learn about concerts, projects, kids, outdoor activities, and more.


The consul general awarded the Algerian American Association of Northern California AAA-NC for being "the Best Algerian Association in the United States” for its long-standing  and remarkable efforts to serve the Algerian Community  of Northern California. This is will encourage us to give even more of our time and energy to serve the community and build a stronger and better AAA-NC for generations to come. We also hope, this will serve as a role model for other Algerian American Associations across the U.S. so our community can thrive everywhere.

AWARD 2017


How AAA-NC was created?

Before 1992 …

In early 80's, a group of Algerians living in San Francisco Bay Area started to discuss the creation of an association during their gatherings such as picnics, private celebrations, soccer games, and events.


The temporary Board was elected

AAA-NC has its first team elected to conduct the next step...

Fouad Bendimerad – President
Maamar Zoubeidi – Vice President
Dahmane Dahmani – Secretary
Said Hattab – Treasurer who passed away in April 1993.

Athman Nouiouat took over as the new Treasurer.


1992: The Birth of AAA-NC

over 100 Algerians and Algerian-Americans gathered for a "Meshwi" in Napa at Krimo Souilah’s place, names and addresses of each future member were collected and the resolution to create an association was made. November 7th of the same year the first official meeting at Stanford I-Center occurred and two working committees were setup to work on the creation of the association. After that, the AAA-NC was officially Born.


First official board elected on December 4th, 1993

Fouad Bendimerad – President
Maamar Zoubeidi – Vice President
Kader Benaouda – Secretary
Dahmane Dahmani – Treasurer

Board Members and Delegates:

Krimo Salem

Allaoua Kartoum

Nassim Arbouz

Mourad Bouhafs

Mourad Noui

Sami Fars

Kader Benaouda

Mokhtar Mered

Nasser Addi

Krimo Souilah

Lakhdar Iguelmamene

Ahmed Chenna

Yahia Benyammi

Mohamed F Mazouni

Election Committee:

Mouloud Kabbes

Said Salah Mars

Lakhdar Iguelmamen


Board 1996-1997

Mohamed Farid Mazouni  - President
Nasser Addi - Vice President
Nassim Arbouz & Salim Fedel - Secretary
Loqman Khemici - Treasurer

Board Members:
Ahmed Chenna

Cherif Kedir

Samir Medjoubi


Board 1998 -1999

Omar Khemici  - President
Ali Bouaricha  - Vice President
Mohamed Zait & Mohamed F. Mazouni - Secretary
Foued Bouhafs & Hafdi - Treasurer


Board Members:
Mokhtar Hirech

Aberazek Kamel

Amar Guettaf


Board 2000 - 2001

Maamar Zoubeidi  - President
Krimo Semmoud  - Vice President
Abderezak Kamel  - Secretary
Ali Hachim  - Treasurer

Board Members:
Nouri Fardehab


Board 2002 - 2004

Smail Chikhoune  - President
Samir Ainceri  - Vice President

Mohamed F. Mazouni - Secretary
Kader Benaouda - Treasurer


Board Members:
Belgacem Haba - Special Events
Omar Khemici - Special Events
Krimo Souilah - Special Events
Fella Benyammi - Membership
Cherif Kedir - Webmaster


Board 2005 - 2008

Yacine Rahmoun - President
Yasmine Chambi  - Vice President
Youssef Loldj - Secretary
Nasser Ali-Chaouche  - Treasurer

Souhila Benmayouf - PR & Communications

Mourad Mouzaoui - Webmaster & Technology

Mokhtar Izebboudjen - Special Events & Coordinator

Samir Medjoubi  -  Special Events & Coordinator (passed away in 2008)


Board 2009 - 2011

Djamel Belhocine - President
Samia Bendimerad  - Vice President
Reda Guermas - Secretary & Webmaster
Karim Hakem - Treasurer

Board Members:
Kamila Graba

Samy Fars

Dahmane Dahmani


Board 2012 - 2013

Chakib Khemici - President
Anis Cherif  - Vice President
Souhil Zaim  - Secretary
Imene Aggoun  - Treasurer


Board Members:
Lotfi Ghernoub

Sana Hammou

Karima Belhocine

Chafik Chenennou

Bachir Khababa

Salah Khodja

Samy Khodja

Chahida Fardeheb

Sabrina Mekhalfa


Board 2014 - 2015

Anis Cherif  - President
Mohamed Djebroun  -  Vice President
Saoussen Bouache  -  Secretary
Lylia Smati  - Treasurer


Board Members:
Lotfi Ghernoub

Mourad Bouache

Boubakeur Lorabi

Halima Smati

Amel Rais


Board 2016 - 2018

Mourad Bouache - President
Wafa Dahel - Vice President
Lamia Loldj  - Treasurer

Saoussen Bouache - PR & Communications

Mourad Mouzaoui  -  Secretary - Webmaster & Technology

Camellia Djebroun - Social Events Coordinator 


Board 2018 - 2020

Wafa Dahel - President (First woman elected President of AAA-NC since it was established)
Lamia Loldj  - Vice President

Mehdi Kaci - Secretary

Camellia Djebroun - Treasurer

Mourad Mouzaoui  -  Webmaster & Technology

Nasser Addi - Board Member 

Ouahiba Medjoubi Djebroun - Board Member

Hakim Touati - Board Member

Celene Aridin - Board Member

Adam Aridin - Board Member


Board 2020 - 2022

Amina Khemici - President

Celene Aridin - Vice President

Ramzi Djebroun - Secretary

Board Members:

Nasser Addi

Chafik Chenennou

Yassine Cherif

Nasrine Lakabi

In all that we do, we remember them...

Said Hattab
1952 - 1993
Samir Medjoubi
1957 - 2008
Samir Ainceri
1967 - 2020
Mohamed Farid Mazouni
1957 - 2012
Mohammed Djebroun
1970 - 2024
Amar Nazzar
1940 - 2012
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