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Amina Khemici


I was born and raised in Algiers, I moved to the US in 1983. I have been a Morgan Hill California resident since 1996. I have three children and four grand children. I am an Educational Specialist at Gilroy Unified School District.  I have been a community organizer, activist and volunteer for the past 24 years both at the local and state levels in California. I was elected a school board member for Morgan Hill School District.
Chairman and school commissioner of Morgan Hill Unified School District 
President of school commissioners for the state of California 
Board Secretary of South Valley Islamic Community 
Vice President of South Valley Islamic Community 
I would love to follow my family tradition and serve our dear Algerian community at a formal level as my three brothers served as presidents and treasurer of the AAA-NC in the past. 
Family and community have always been the core of my values. As a little girl, I still remember my dear father helping and supporting our community in Algeria. I grew up with those values. 
I will be honored to serve my AAA-NC family.


Celene Aridin

Vice President

My name is Celene Aridin. I live in the Sacramento County, where I am very involved within my local community. Though I am young I have previous experience in the leadership field.
I founded and was voted president of the SALAM Youth Leadership Council, VP for my library’s Teen Advisory Board, and was part of the organization committee and was a speaker for the Women’s March in Sacramento. 
When I lived in the Bay Area I was much more involved with AAA-NC but when I moved I found that there was a gap between the Sacramento Algerian Community and the Algerians in the Bay Area. There is a large under represented Algerian community within Sacramento that I feel is discouraged to participate in many of AAA-NC Events because of the distance, though it is not as far as it seems. 
My intent for running for a position on the Board is to bridge that gap between the Bay Area and the Sacramento communities and hopefully get more involvement on both sides.


Ramzi Djebroun


Hello everyone my name is Ramzi Djebroun some of you may know me as the guy taking your pictures at the Hamidou concert or as the 12 year old who played the bass for the Ramadan concert. Now I am looking forward to play a more active role in the association and bring as many new ideas as I can to the table. I know in these times we have to be socially distanced but I'd like to get closer everyone in our community using Zoom for virtual events like never before. 

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”


Yassine Cherif

Board Member

My name is Yassine Cherif. I am currently a student at San Jose State University studying business management information systems. 
I was born and raised in San Jose and just recently moved to Concord. The AAA-NC has been a very influential part of my life that I have been involved with since a very young age. I remember attending and helping set up many earlier events that the AAA-NC has hosted for the community. I hope to bring my passion and love for the Algerian community and give back to my community in a way it has given to me.

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